WAX Is a Purpose-Built Blockchain

WAX is just not another pretty face (i.e. vaporware) in the world of blockchain. Our founders William Quigley and Jonathan Yantis set an ambitious roadmap and have created the most purpose-built blockchain on the market as a result.

The following reveals why and how WAX is revolutionizing the way brands connect and sell to their customers, while providing consumers the most unique, eco-friendly shopping experience available today.

WAX Is Scalable

According to https://dappradar.com/industry-overview, WAX has over 325k daily users and more than 15 million daily transactions. Additionally, the WAX Cloud Wallet is the most used blockchain wallet in the world with more than 5 million accounts (https://wax.bloks.io/).

WAX Is Everywhere

WAX provides its users with access to thousands of dApps and the world’s most exciting NFT marketplaces, such as Atomic Market and NeftyBlocks. It’s also home to many of the top blockchain games in the world, including Alien World, R-Planet, Kolobok Adventures, Prospectors, and many emerging play-to-earn games.

WAX Is Eco-Friendly

WAX’s Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism is 125,000x more energy efficient and uses less than 0.00001% the energy of Proof of Work chains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. As a result, Climate Care awarded WAX with a Carbon Neutral Certification in early 2021.

In August 2021, WAX is taking its commitment to the environment a step further with a release of its own series of Carbon Offset vIRL NFTs. Collectors will lead the charge to have tree samplings planted for every dollar they spend on the collection.

About WAX

WAX (The Worldwide Asset eXchange™) is the most used and transacted blockchain ecosystem in the world for NFTs, dApps and video games — providing the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell and trade both virtual and physical items to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Known best as “The King of NFTs”, WAX is the leading NFT network and has successfully facilitated the trade of millions of NFTs from partners including Topps (Major League Baseball), Capcom (Street Fighter), Funko, Atari, Sony’s Funimation, and famous films (Princess Bride and SAW), world-renowned entertainers (Deadmau5, Weezer and William Shatner), and many more.

Furthermore, WAX has innovated vIRL® NFTs, built on Atomic, the most popular NFT standard on WAX, which are different from the standard NFTs you’ll find on other blockchains. They feature a host of dynamic functionality including app/video game integrations, marketing tools and V-commerce capabilities — linking a vIRL® NFT to a real-world item, so you can transfer ownership without needing to physically ship anything until a collector is ready to claim it as their own. Every vIRL® NFT is minted on the energy efficient and carbon neutral WAX Blockchain that puts the environment first.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg. In the coming months, brands and consumers alike can expect WAX to make huge leaps toward revolutionizing the world of digital commerce. Stay tuned!

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The WAX Token Has many Uses

WAXP has several real-world applications that benefit consumers and brands alike, including: 

 Staking and Voting

Unlike other blockchains that charge fees per transaction, WAX is a shared resource that relies on users staking WAXP as a means to reserve computing resources. When WAXP is staked, it increases the scarcity of the token (as it's set aside and stored until a user reclaims it) and accrues rewards over time. The tokens you stake are always yours to reclaim — you are literally powering the blockchain so that the WAX community can transact with zero fees and unlimited opportunity.

WAX users that stake tokens also earn the right to vote for block producers and earn voting rewards, paid for out of token inflation. Click here to learn more about staking and voting.


WAXP can be used to purchase NFTs via the largest NFT ecosystem of any blockchain, including more than 60 million NFT assets from more than 30,000 dApps and NFT projects. Users can utilize WAX tokens to buy and sell NFTs in many dApps and marketplaces, such as https://wax.atomichub.io/, https://neftyblocks.com/, and more.

Additionally, many popular dApps, such as https://www.btcorigins.com/, https://gpkbernventures.com/, and https://www.kogs.gg/ sell NFTs directly using WAX tokens. Many emerging play-to-earn games are also significant participants in the WAX NFT ecosystem.

Every vIRL® NFT is minted on Atomic, the most popular NFT standard on the energy efficient and carbon neutral WAX Blockchain that puts the environment first.

WAX Labs

WAX Labs (see https://labs.wax.io/) is a worker proposal system that allows developers to propose WAX projects that are voted on by token stakers. Projects that are successfully voted in receive WAX Labs funds (paid for from token inflation) to pay for WAX development projects.


WAX’s tokenomic model marries the explosive growth of NFTs with the superior monetization capabilities of DeFi. It enables anyone who participates to earn rewards in the form of Ethereum Tokens (ETH) and WAXG Governance Tokens. You can learn much more about what the new model involves and why we launched it here.