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The following ideas are submitted by the WAX Community and have a high chance to get approved through the largest Worker Proposal System in blockchain: WAX Labs. Found an idea you want to realize? Click "Submit Proposal"

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The goal of this section is to provide developers/creators with ideas for what to build on WAX. All the ideas below come from members of the community, based on what they’d like to see created. Developers and creators - feel free to use any of the ideas below to develop a WAX Labs proposal.

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A QR code that interacts with an app and loads NFT data of the stuffed animal the person bought. A registration code would come with purchase and enable them to set ownership of the stuffed animal through registering their name. If they passed it on to someone else, they could "give" the stuffed animal to another person and assign them the new owner so people would be able to track the history of a stuffed animal, date/age of person/etc.

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Community Idea: QR Code

Raffle NFTs with different game options like Roulette, squares, random numbers, etc. 

Seller would determine the total number of entries required for a raffle. Seller would then choose a time slot available to raffle NFT within 36 hrs. A minimum of 10% house commission will be charged to the seller. Seller would need to raffle NFTs within a reasonable Value, if seller does not sell all the raffle entries most likely he appraised his NFT too high, there should still be a charge of 10% in order to avoid high unrealistic values.

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Community Idea: NFT Raffle

NFT Critique is a web page and online art gallery for NFT creators with an upvote/downvote system as well as a review option for users to add value to the lineage of an NFT. 

The website will be organized into art categories and profiles that help users find art interests. When an artist and art piece is found and clicked on the users will be able to upvote/downvote on the NFT. The more upvotes, the higher the NFT will show up on the main page feed. Also, the more upvotes an artist has, the higher they will be ranked on a top artist page. 

Comments will be upvote and downvote to help moderate positivity within the space and to help accurate opinions get more attention. Comments should be easily shareable to social media to create another link from audiences to art pieces. 

Ideally, NFT critique should be a Dapp extension as well as a web page. Developers should be able to easily add the NFT critique extension to their Dapps projects. The extension will create an opportunity for users to interact with every NFT being shared on any Dapp. All data collected via the extension will relay back to the website to display results.

In conclusion, NFT critique creates an opportunity for NFTs to gain popularity and for their creators to become famous. This upvote system and review section adds value to NFTs and therefore can help buyers and collectors find pieces of interest. It’s an innovation to help the NFT eco system flourish.

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Community Idea: NFT Critique

Users would log into their wax wallet and pay a small fee to have their image embossed or minted onto a medallion or a coin and the user can keep the NFT or put themselves on the market to see what they would be worth in the crypto world. Authenticity would be important as the value of each token is higher as they should be only 1of 1 and ideally the creator who invested the original minting fee could hopefully potentially earn an income off the accumulated sales. 

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Community Idea: Wallet NFT / Collectible

I always saw 2 coins on WAX, WAXP as a protocol coin and WAXT as a means of payment.

You have to manage your WAXP as resources, vote etc. and you need WAXP to create NFTs dapps etc.

The rewards for guild voting staking etc. also in WAXP.

WAXT would then be a stable coin that can be bought via the cloud wallet and used to pay on the WAX marketplaces. And of course wherever the cloud wallet is accepted. Would be a top product quickly because everyone can use the wallet easily.

Then there should be a fee in WAXT (tx fee on the market place etc.) which is used to rebuy (free market) and burn the WAXP and as a token holder share in WAXT. how much that is then still questionable but doesn't matter.

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Community Idea: WAXT Stablecoin

Chainlink can provide all sorts of data for any API. Why not use that to gamify your NFTs. Imagine the ability to cause certain changes to tokens due to real world events such as weather, GPS data (Location visits), etc. Any data available through any existing API is a potential trigger. Chainlink's VRF function can even give you an on-chain RNG to make sure any randomness you'd want to introduce is truly random and can't be gamed. NFT battles anyone?

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Community Idea: Gamify NFTs through Chainlink API

Thinking of a system like ticketmasters but using NFT based tickets to prevent ticket counterfeiting and control the 2nd hand market for tickets at major events 

Issues that we can solve if developing this as service or system

With a NFT based tickets you can easily transfer ownership and the new owner can check that everything is in order on the blockchain 

Counterfeit tickets are created and sold for events. Proof of ownership can be verified through the WAX blockchain by implementing zero-knowledge proofs whereby a purchaser can prove ownership of their ticket without revealing any information besides the fact the ticket is theirs.

2nd hand market tickets can often be hard to sell due to fear of counterfeit tickets if you need to sell due unforeseen circumstances with wax NFT based tickets it will be easy to check that the ticket is an authentic original ticket. 

Could also be used to prevent large amounts of tickets being purchased by scalpers, event ticket distribution options can be tailored with any custom range on the amount of tickets available to single users or groups, and optional constraints that allow for alternative distribution methods. 

Would also prevent allegations of ticket vendors and resellers scalping their own tickets and then reselling them for huge increase in price.and by putting the tickets on the blockchain you could lock tickets at a fixed price or specify a maximum markup percentage

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Community Idea: NFT Based Tickets

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Utilising already released vGO nft's you collect "sets" to burn together and combine into squad equipment. Based on the hugely popular board game Risk, you build an army, you equip your army according to vGO guns you have "wrapped" or "attached" to the squad you are utilsing to attack or defend. 

Each class of weapon has a pro and con and will have a clear strength and weakness, eg. Knives can be for sneak attacks, AWPs could be for long distance scouting missions, pp bizons could be for close quarter "maps/skirmishes".

Each location on the map will have defined landscape or environment to show where and how you should be attempting to win for bouts.

Squads can be levelled up with more of the same vGO item being burnt / combined to level up, meaning more stats for your squad overall, meaning more chance to defend or attack accordingly. Different "sets" of vGO weapons would have benefits based on the global location you choose to skirmish also. Eg. Sand based skins would have a + on an African/ Middle Eastern or desert based battlefield.

Turn based, roll a dice to go, battles RNG based on stats on cards / squads, and you log each battle you fight on the squad cards too, so people would also trade squad cards based on the battle history too.

Got a squad that has 11 wins and 0 losses? Would be worth more than 1 with 0 wins and 11 losses to a collector. 


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Community Idea: vISK Global Domination

The idea is simple enough, to create a digital asset of WAX Memorabilia Price Guides.

While this is not unique to sports memorabilia, there is great opportunity with all sports, but memorabilia in general. In order to digitalized price guide it requires a decentralized market driven database, that in term acts as an oracle in and of itself. While there are price guides in Magazine form, it would be ideal to PARTNER with said price guides, however the concept is price guides in general for a variety of memorabilia. And it acts as a reference guide, and further enhances the credibility and opportunities with WAX, while increasing adoption within this space based on ease of use and one stop shopping. The price database then becomes a digital asset as well, traded or collected. 


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Community Idea: WAX Memorabilia Price Guides

A video course academy in addition to to speed up broad adoption and to inspire new projects.

But it should not be marketed a Guide like "How do X with WAX" but more result driven with WAX only as the best solution to realize what you really want from an entrepreneurial or creator point of view: Like "How to build an awesome NFT Marketplace from scratch using WAX" , "Build your first Card game using and selling your own NFTs" or "How to build an NFT Creator for your Site using Atomic Assets" etc.

Everything should be 100% results and product driven, teach the tech from scratch in convenient step by step video lessons ( format alike). NOT from just a developer point of view but from an Entrepreneur point of view who wants to learn it or wants to have the resource to give it to the people who help him to build his vision. The projects can be "simple". What is important is to get a guide to build the whole foundation and the basic understanding to improve these foundations further until you have the result you want to build. This would save much time and encourage many people by lowering the entry bar.

Would be great if this could be presented like some kind of free product with an engaging landing page or via Youtube (But teasers on Youtube would be better, so you can have the course in a dedicated e-learning enfironment). 


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Community Idea: Online Course / Info Product 

At the moment the "Ledger Live App" does not support EOS nor WAX it seems.  The Leger Hardware Wallet itself uses a community built outdated app that is not updated anymore I was told. This is very suboptimal even it is possible at the moment to create Keys wo a WAA account. Support should be a must.  Therefore I suggest to build a propper support for this because Ledger is the marketleader in hardware wallets and it is "mandatory" for accounts which hold and stake significant amounts of WAX to have propper security because they are profitable targets for attacks. But sceurity and propper ledger support is important for any user I think. This would be an awesome project for guilds. Maybe the new one that is focused on cyber security? 


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Community Idea:  WAXP on Ledger Nano S and X 

The price and desirability of traditional printed collector cards are based on rarity, mint number and condition. Rarity and mint number can easily be added to digital collector cards when minted, but the condition can not. I think it would be a great idea if a digital collector card is required to be protected or maintained by the owner to keep it in good condition which would add to its desirability over the same card with a similar mint number that is not.

For example, once purchased, instead of just leaving the card in the owners wallet to deteriorate in condition, it could be written into the asset that the condition of the card deteriorates over time unless it is placed in some kind of protective sleeve or case (separate asset) and checked for condition regularly or annually. A card who's owner neglects their asset by leaving it exposed to the elements and not placing it into a protective sleeve or case (just leaving it forgotten in their wallet) will deteriorate over time and be valued less than a card that is cared for by its owner and is in excellent condition.

It could even be taken further and the condition of the card not be immediately obvious until it is graded by a digital grading service.


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Community Idea:  Trading cards with conditions

Hi, the idea that I have is about a type of NFT and i would like to share it with WAX LAB. It's more like a tool than a project. A tool that Print On Demand platform will use to allow designers or artists to create an NFT out of their submitted artwork. 

The way it's going to work from the print on demand platform is by adding a yes or no option for the designer or artist to choose from, if the answer is yes the NFT will be created in the background without him/her getting exposed to the technical operations. This option will require a fee. 

So now on the WAX side after the NFT is created WAX will list it with that paid fee(wax) on an auction market where all the NFTs are sold. There will be a default starting price for all NFTs. If you are the top bid in your auction, you only have to remain the top bid for 24 hours.

So the big question is what's going to make the artist or designer to create the NFT in the first place and the same question goes for the buyer.

For the creator’s part, by selling he makes great profit while keeping 50% current configured margin on every sell on the platform plus a % on every time the NFT get sold or transfer. 

And for the buyer side he will be getting 50% current configured margin every time the design get sold on any items. This gives the buyer the option to advertise the product knowing he will get 50% current configured margin guaranteed on every sell for that particular design.

I'm seeing this tool being use by bigger companies. Let take an example Of Apple:

This year Apple decide to create a new iPhone. They’re going to put time and effort to create a nice design once everything is done. Before the release of the phone they can create few NFTs of the design that can be sold on the auction market  and make some profit out of the design first, then release the phone. Obviously in this case the person who's going to win the NFT won’t be getting 50% of every phone sold, but Apple will decide on that (margin). This tool can be applied by bigger brand companies, car companies, bikes, watches, shoes, clothes etc...

I own few print on demand shops and as an example i will highlight informations and activities that designers or artists can see from the dashboard of these shops. The company "REDBBUBBLE” is a global online market place for print on demand products. On Redbbuble  you will be presented with numbers of sales for each artwork submitted, Numbers of favorites (likes), numbers of comments.

When an item get sold with your artwork printed on, the designer or artist will receive an email notification first with the details like the name of the artwork, the item name, number of items sold, size, color and the full price spent with Your Current Configured Margin %.

On the dashboard there's a tab called sales history where the designer or artist have more details from the date of sale to the destination country.  On your payment history tab you have 3 parts called:

• earnings to be paid 

• pending sales 

• cancelled sales

As you can see above there's more details to use for the NFT, some of that need to be updated every few minutes or hours even days using some type of Oracle that will connect the NFT to the dashboard details.


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Community Idea:  Smart NFT "DeFi"

Community Idea:  WAX powered Streamer Overlay

I would love for someone to build a tool that can connect to streamlabs or other stream widget services, alternatively directly to broadcaster software such as OBS.

For WAX: - Each transaction to a specific account over a threshold (to prevent spam) will create a pop up on screen with donation sum in WAX, and a message from the memo. - Ability to blacklist memo's containing certain words (i.ex. bad words hehe)

For NFT's: 

- Each transfer of NFT's to a specific account shows that NFT name and image on screen. 

- Ability to whitelist certain authors to prevent malicious images.

Building such a tool would enable streamers and YouTubers to receive donations in WAX and NFT's and showcase that on stream as they happen. Thanks to almost instant transactions this is perfect. 

If you want to talk more about this idea, reach out to Anders


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A wax market widget would allow any website to incorporate a marketplace into their website in order to sell NFTs using wax.  Whilst current marketplaces (like atomichub) are currently a great place to buy and sell NFTs, they will soon become overloaded and difficult to navigate for new customers venturing into the world of crypto.  A wax market widget would allow a more personalised and simpler experience direct from creators websites.


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Community Idea: WAX Market Widget

I am a user from China. At present, I think it is very necessary to start to develop mobile wallet. Mobile application can bring people a very convenient and fast experience. People spend much more time surfing the Internet with mobile phones than with computers. Developing a wax mobile wallet includes receiving and sending of wax assets, block hash browsing query, NFT display, receiving, sending and handing in Easy, and links to related NFT markets. Users can view, trade and display their NFT anytime and anywhere. NFT can show it to others at any time, which is a cool thing. You can refer to the mathwallet user experience. 


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Community Idea: WAX Mobile Wallet

This is about a game with items backed with wax - stats increase proportional to wax put on that item (there should be a max limit for each item so it would not become op and also be playable by smaller holders not only whales), but the item wears with each fight/hit/game, depending of the game that is developed, and loses some amount of wax, also proportional with the wax backing that item (more wax backed, more stats, but more wear).

A proportion of the wear should go to players depending on their position in the game or to the players that are in direct combat against eachother, depending of the type of game and dev, and a part of it, I say over 50%, should get burned. Also, if u want to go back to 100% health on the item u need to back it with more wax, if not, at some point the item will be destroyed  and also if u lose backed wax u lose stats.This is a rough ideea, it probably needs to be refined when u get to the mechanics of the game.

If u need some help with it, at an ideea level - i am not a programmer, contact me at @Getodacu in tg. 


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Community Idea: Outlook (WAXP powered videogame)